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  /Born in 2002. Raised in Moscow. Spent all life exploring sound and form in different contexts.

  /Since I was 4 years old I started playing on the piano classical music and singing in choir. When I reached the age of 14 I got interested in the world of creating music on DAWs and architecture. My first attempts in composing pieces  were done in Apple's Garage Band. Combining those loops like LEGO made me feel in a right way and inspired me exploring music technologies in future. 

  /As a human of art I have always enjoyed everything what is connected to it. My big part of inspiration for creating music came from visual arts. I create music by hearing it's sounds in my paintings and vice versa. This is the reason why I do visual scores for my music as well as 3D art with special sound-design.

  /Since I was 15 years old I started studying synthesis techniques and Ableton live. Going deeper and deeper into music technologies made me study Max/Msp programming language.  Now I develop fancy synths there and Audio Effects.

  /In the March 2019 I was a participant in Gnesin Contemporary Music Week as a young composer. I presented there two electroacoustiс pieces: "Anisotropic Ring" and "X Pitch Phases". In the September 2019 I performed my piece "Triune" in Tchaikovsky city. I came there on an annual Young Composers Academy founded by Dmitriy Kourliandsky and MCME (Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble).

  /March 2020: Finished russian Sound Artist school. 

 /September 2020:  Study in FHNW für Musik Basel as an Audio-designer.


My music teachers:

Dmitriy Garmanov - ableton live, synthesis, production

Tatiana Yakovleva   - music theory

Natalia Smirnova    - piano
Olga Bochikhina     - history of contemporary  music

Svetlana Maraš       - professor in ESB

Volker Böhm           - professor in ESB

My visual art teachers:

Irina Tolokonnikova - painting, academic drawing

Irena Fedorova - architecture, composition & graphic design